The World’s Best Humanitarian NGO

The Danish Refugee Council tops Global Journal’s list of the world’s best humanitarian NGOs

The Global Journal exclusive NGO Top100 list was selected from 450 candidates around the world. Danish Refugee Council tops the list among humanitarian NGOs and ranks fourth in the world across all sectors. 

Global Journal did a thorough evaluation of comparable documents and analyses based on three criteria: impact, innovation and sustainability. 

"It is of course a difficult task to compare humanitarian NGOs. However, with the extensive documentation and in-depth analysis behind this year’s TOP100 list, we are very proud of our ranking as it recognizes DRC’s leading humanitarian role in zones of conflict around the world,” said DRC Secretary General Andreas Kamm.

Under the headline Setting the standard in complex emergencies, Global Journal writes:  

Ultimately though, one need look no further for evidence of the Danish Refugee Council’s reputation amongst those that count than the pattern of significant increases in institutional donor funding it has enjoyed in recent years.

See the entire list:



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