Conventions and definitions

Conventions and definitions

The United Nations Convention Relating to the status of Refugees is the cornerstone in the body of laws that establish standards for refugee protection.

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19. dec. 14

DRC is responding to Ebola crisis in Liberia and Guinea

More than 6000 deaths caused by Ebola have now been reported in the six countries affected since spring 2014. As a humanitarian actor in two of the affected...

18. dec. 14

‘I now have a choice over my meals’ – DRC’s Fresh Food Voucher Programme in Dadaab

The introduction of a fresh food voucher program by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in Dadaab refugee camp, has enabled 3000 pregnant refugee women and lactating...

15. dec. 14

One year into the South Sudan crisis, DRC has assisted 350,000 displaced

One year ago today, a struggle between rival political factions escalated into an armed conflict that has dragged South Sudan into a crippling civil war. The Danish...