Conventions and definitions

Conventions and definitions

The United Nations Convention Relating to the status of Refugees is the cornerstone in the body of laws that establish standards for refugee protection.

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06. okt. 15

Resurgence of violence in CAR causes new displacements

A wave of violence on a scale not seen since the establishment of the Transitional Government in January 2014, has hit Bangui, the capital of the Central African...

10. sep. 15

Deteriorating quality of asylum in Middle East must be on global agenda

The critical need to respond to Syrian refugees entering Europe and their efforts to find protection for their families, must coincide with addressing the root...

02. sep. 15

DRC's recommendations to the WHS

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) submitted recommendations to the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS). The submission outlines six key recommendations for the WHS...