Conventions and definitions

Conventions and definitions

The United Nations Convention Relating to the status of Refugees is the cornerstone in the body of laws that establish standards for refugee protection.

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25. jun. 15

Funding shortage leaves Syrian refugees and host nations without vital support

A shortage of funds is hampering humanitarian and development assistance efforts to meet the needs of 3.9 million refugees who have fled the conflict in Syria, as...

23. jun. 15

DRC is able to deliver live saving relief to extra 3,000 persons in Yemen

The ongoing conflict in Yemen has resulted in over one million internally displaced and more than 21 million people or 80 percent of the population in need of...

18. jun. 15

59.5 million are now displaced worldwide

New figures from UNCHR, the United Nation’s Refugee Organization, show that there are nearly 60 million displaced people around the world. The figure has gone up...