26. maj. 15

Pressing needs for 54,000 displaced from Ramadi region

Close to 54,000 people from the western Iraq province of Anbar where the Islamic State militants have captured the provincial capital, Ramadi, last week, remain...

26. maj. 15

DRC a key player in a crisis-ridden world

Danish Refugee Council's annual report for 2014 is now available. Read Secretary General, Andreas Kamm's statement and download the full report.

11. maj. 15

Call for an immediate and permanent cease fire in Yemen

A group of 17 aid agencies call for an immediate and permanent cease fire as an additional 70,000 people flee coalition airstrikes in Northern Yemen

06. maj. 15

Life-saving assistance at risk of collapsing in Yemen

A group of 22 major aid agencies said their operations risk coming to an abrupt end within a week unless land, sea and air routes are opened immediately for the...

06. maj. 15

Another 5 million internally displaced in 2014

The record-high number of displaced across the globe continues to raise – a new report shows that the number of internally displaced increased with almost 5 million...