Migration Megatrends in the Horn of Africa & Yemen


Category: Africa, Horn of Africa

Global Migration Futures is the name of a new report looking into understanding the complex dynamics behind growing migration in the Horn of Africa & Yemen.

Rising populations under pressure from multiple influences in the Horn of Africa and Yemen - social, economic, political, and environmental – migrate in search of better lives. The numbers of people migrating in the region have increased over the last two decades with these movements motivated by complex and changing reasons.

‘While the migration literature recognizes the main drivers of movement in the region, the regional dialogue on ’mixed’ migration remains weak and current initiatives tend to be local and scattered and often fail to account for the existence of all forms of mobility in the region,’ – states the report Global Migration Futures.

The report is the outcome of a collaboration between the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat (RMMS) and the International Migration Institute, Oxford University who in partnership initiated the Global Migration Futures project in early 2012 to promote discussion on megatrends in the region and to describe possible scenarios for future migration to from and within the Horn of Africa and Yemen in 2030.

The Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat was established in 2011 and is hosted by the Danish Refugee Council in Nairobi, Kenya.

Read the report Global Migration Futures (PDF 1.3MB)– and learn more about RMMS on the website www.regionalmms.org