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The DRC Somalia Programme is the largest of the six country programmes in the Horn of Africa & Yemen region. DRC is among the INGOs with the largest presence in Somalia country-wide programmes implemented through five main offices in Somaliland, Puntland, Hiraan Region, Gedo Region, and in South Central Somalia. Because we there, DRC is able to respond rapidly and flexibly to recurrent crisis and needs of Somali’s affected by humanitarian crises. 

DRC supports refugees, migrants, internally displaced populations and other persons affected by crises in both urban and rural settings. 

DRC’s activities in Somalia span from emergency response to long-term recovery and development initiatives, aimed at strengthening the resilience of the population affected by drought and related shocks, and advancing the agenda of durable solutions in the region. 

South Central Somalia

DRC’s programmes in South Central are concentrated in the Banadir (Mogadishu and its environs), Hiraan, Bay and Gedo regions. In these four regions, DRC provides life-saving assistance, supports improvement of livelihoods, builds and rehabilitates infrastructure, and works with clan elders to build their capacities and strengthen local governance.

Programme activities in Hiraan and Galgaduug are mainly related to agricultural development, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene education (WASH), improved livelihoods, as well as DRC’s expanding Community Driven Rehabilitation and Development programme (CDRD).

In the capital Mogadishu, DRC’s humanitarian interventions cover a wide range of activities, incl. provision of shelter and basic non-food items in standardised aid packages (NFIs),  WASH, alternative livelihoods, cash relief and protection programmes.

DRC’s Dollow programme addresses critical needs for shelter, water and sanitation and hygiene education (WASH), and protection of internally displaced and their host communities.


In Somaliland, DRC works on emergency responses and long-term recovery and development projects. Recently, education and livelihood projects for youth, as well as projects within WASH, agricultural development, capacity building to strengthen local governance, and support to victims of gender based violence (GBV) was introduced.

Most recently, DRC has taken a lead role in the emergency response for the arrivals fleeing the conflict in Yemen. DRC is managing the reception centre in Berbera by conducting pre-registration of new arrivals on behalf of UNHCR and the Somaliland government; providing meals to the new arrivals; providing return packages to vulnerable returnees to their areas of origin with exemption to specific areas in south central that are deemed not safe.

DRC also works to assist migrants by implementing protection interventions that address the entire cycle of migration – from before departure, while in transit, and to returning to country of origin. The interventions for migrants include distribution of NFI kits, vocational skills training for returned migrants and awareness raising sessions on dangers of migration.


The vast majority of DRC activities in the semi-autonomous territory of Puntland are targeted towards humanitarian assistance in support of displaced populations. DRC adopts an integrated approach by providing life-saving assistance, supporting protection and livelihoods activities, and constructing and rehabilitating infrastructure for internally displaced persons (IDPs), conflict-and drought affected populations and the urban poor. 

In addition, DRC’s assistance include the provision of cash relief and shelter kits, as well as the construction and rehabilitation of water infrastructure, schools, and other community assets. DRC’s sub-offices in Puntland are in Qardho, Bossaso, Garowe, and North Galkayo.

Partnerships and Consortia

DRC implements the Community Driven Recovery and Development (CDRD) programme in all regions in Somalia; CDRD is an approach focused on building local governance capacities and supporting local recovery and development in rural communities (see also 

For the last two years, DRC Somalia has also been implementing a resilience programme   through a Resilience Consortium (SOMREP) of seven international organizations, in different regions in the country. See more on 

In a partnership with CARE and IRC, DRC is lead agency for a governance and peace building project (GPC) focusing on the northern regions of Somalia. DRC is also a member of the Somalia Return Consortium (SRC) whose aim is to facilitate voluntary and safe return of IDPs and refugees to their areas of origin in Somalia.

To improve accountability and dialogue with beneficiaries, DRC has been managing an innovative SMS project in Somalia since 2011. The SMS feedback system allows for communication with recipients of aid in difficult accessible areas. DRC is exploring ways of further expanding use of this tool to enhance accountability, transparency and dialogue in the region.